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6. And, as the tide’s about to turn, get out of the way (5,5). 8. For the land, it’s very good to have rain seep through (4). 9. Class of civil ser­vants to be? (4). 10. Bring back a sales­man: Amer­i­can and very good (5). 11. The frame is from South­wood (4). 12. Will try to get at the fel­lows trapped in­side (9). 16. The per­form­ers find the lock in the case forced (9). 20. When the time comes to go off, run (4). 22. De­mand as a right (5). 23. The man fol­lowed one, but not from the wood (4). 24. Is due to the ar­tic­u­la­tion of the vow­els (4). 25. Pete got up­set a lit­tle about what one said last night (5,5).


1. On the way over, wor­ried, did all one could (6). 2. Buck up, man: I pre­pared a new brew of tea (7). 3. Heard, not plain as plain can be, the word “cab” (6). 4. Have the boy pop back to get an ap­ple (6). 5. Is told it’s a share-out (5). 7. Slip on some­thing and they give one first aid (5). 13. Have a snack in the theatre? (3). 14. What to take for a sprain, I find out (7). 15. Caught, blearily, the word “host” (5). 17. The boxes, when the car crashed, got up­set (6). 18. Make an­other record­ing of in English, to take fa­ther back (6). 19. It takes ages to get the child into the new pose (6). 21. Equally pre­pared to raise the girl (5).

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