Hauraki-Coromandel Post



Across 1.

No dry traveller can be upset by a tankard of this (6)

8. Marines prove to be a washout when Mother leaves them (5)

9. First Bentley to appear in motor repair shop with the rubbish (7)

11. A piece of wood that may be fingered (8)

12. It’s all set for the wobbles (5)

15. Plunder means a great deal, but there’s nothing in it (4)

16. Very cold, like fifty per cent of the insurance document (3)

17. Singular occurrence, single person entertaini­ng a hundred (4)

19. There is yet room for spirit (5)

21. Role is, if old-fashioned, that of a guerrilla (8)

24. Back trouble to disappear after universal balm is applied (7)

25. It is fundamenta­l: a degree is to be read as it’s written (5)

26. Makes an effort to move about ten trees (6)

Down 2.

Escape showing present age, in woman (5)

3. But a tale it is wrong to list in such a way (8)

4. They clothe the very poor (4)

5. The offer Academicia­n gets in gold for officers (5)

6. It may be the Turk’s head that is seen in the wood (4)

7. It is sad to see it fall (4)

10. It is by the bishops who cope with a lisp such as this (9)

12. Make notes that include Latin to shake one (4)

13. Fortified wine has the capacity to be carried about (8)

14. One may be made to strip off by the founder of the police (4)

18. Succeed before church to supply a pull-up for boatmen (5)

20. If it is short of change it is not to be taken seriously (5)

21. In short, they are refreshing places to be (4)

22. Is not being careful with the spots (4)

23. One not suited to having his or her picture painted (4)

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