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I can as­sure cor­re­spon­dent Haynes (Hau­raki Her­ald, Oc­to­ber 6 & 13) that ev­ery day of my work­ing life of al­most 50 years as a ge­ol­o­gist I have al­ways dealt with facts, not mod­els.

These facts clearly show that the Earth’s cli­mate and sea lev­els have al­ways changed and al­ways will and this has ab­so­lutely noth­ing to do with man-made CO2.

If he wants facts, not alarmist hype on sea lev­els, I sug­gest he looks at the US NOAA or UK PSMSL web­sites where he can see ac­tual global tide gauge records.

Auck­land’s 100-year record shows a con­sis­tent gen­tle rise of only 1.2mm per year. If that is too fright­en­ing he can see that Syd­ney’s even longer record shows only 0.7mm an­nu­ally.

These ac­cu­rate records in­di­cate ab­so­lutely no sign of ac­cel­er­a­tion. Gen­tle rise is en­tirely nat­u­ral since we are still emerg­ing from the Lit­tle Ice Age which ended about 1850 and has ab­so­lutely noth­ing to do with man.

At this rate it will take al­most 800 years for Auck­land to just maybe see 1m of sea level rise, not the 80 years the Greens, Den­nis Tegg and other alarmists con­stantly wail. Re­peat­ing a lie does not make it true.

Un­for­tu­nately the cli­mate change com­mu­nity re­lies much more on com­puter mod­els than facts.

I’m sure Mr. Haynes will be well aware of com­puter GIGO (garbage in=garbage out). In­con­ve­nient weather sta­tion records are al­tered, satel­lite mea­sure­ments ad­justed and ocean tem­per­a­ture buoys ig­nored if they don’t fit the ex­pected warm­ing trend.

These GIGO mod­els con­sis­tently fail to rep­re­sent the real world and have never made ac­cu­rate or use­ful pre­dic­tions…ex­cept to bor­ingly pre­dict that things are ‘‘worse than we thought’’ and more re­search fund­ing is ur­gently re­quired.

Even the BBC and once rep­utable sci­en­tific jour­nals such as Sci­en­tific Amer­i­can and Sci­ence fall prey to this scam and ac­tu­ally doc­tor pho­tos of sup­pos­edly stranded po­lar bears to fit the scary meme.

These alarmist sce­nar­ios are picked up by a gullible me­dia des­per­ate for ever more scary sto­ries to sell to the un­sus­pect­ing pub­lic who get caught up in the ac­tion.

If Mr Haynes wants hyp­ocrites (HH Oc­to­ber 6) he need look no fur­ther than self-ap­pointed cli­mate ex­perts such as Al Gore and John Tra­volta.

Gore’s com­pa­nies have big in­vest­ments, gov­ern­ment grants and prof­its from al­ter­na­tive power sys­tems and both fly around the world in their pri­vate jets telling us not to fly.

Even worse the UN ap­pointed not a sci­en­tist but ac­tor Leonardo DiCaprio as its cli­mate mes­sen­ger to jet around re­peat­ing the mes­sage.

Not to be out­done lo­cal ex­perts such as Robin Mal­colm, Bic Runga and the Greens very own Ege­nie Sage lec­ture us on cli­mate change and amaz­ingly, some peo­ple ac­tu­ally lis­ten to them.

Alas­tair Brick­ell Kuao­tunu

and so­cial is­sues re­lat­ing to 1080 and its use, both his­toric and cur­rent, in New Zealand.

Prob­a­bly John Vey­sey and his cronies have al­ready writ­ten this book ‘off’ as pro­pa­ganda by the 1080 con­spir­a­tors, but for those open-minded peo­ple who want facts rather than fic­tion I rec­om­mend it.

Al­though deal­ing with many tech­ni­cal is­sues it is en­gag­ingly writ­ten and ex­am­ines many of the con­flict­ing claims around 1080.

An­drew Leigh Thames

that a melted ice­berg will not raise sea lev­els, as the mass of water dis­placed by the ice­berg ex­actly equals the mass of the ice­berg.

Sadly, this gives lit­tle com­fort, be­cause most of the Antarc­tic ice sheet is not float­ing in the sea.

Antarc­tica is a land mass, and the ice is well above sea level.

So if it melts or if it skids down­hill, the re­sult is the same, more water in the ocean, and in­evitably a rise in sea lev­els.

Har­vey Bar­r­a­clough Waikino

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