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Each year, Public Trust’s Grants programme funds initiative­s that provide care and support for our communitie­s to the tune of

$11 million.

The money goes towards helping teenagers flourish through the Graeme Dingle Foundation, providing care for the homeless and vulnerable with the Wellington City Mission and keeping us all safe through St Johns.

Public Trust is the trustee of

450 charitable trusts. Some of these trusts pay income to named charitable beneficiar­ies while others distribute funds to individual­s and applicants who have applied for funding. Each of these trusts was set up by a generous benefactor whowanted to create a lasting legacy in their community, long after they were gone.

Thomas George Macarthy has been helping his community for 120 years. The TG Macarthy Trust takes its name from Thomas George Macarthy, a brewer who died in Wellington in 1912. Macarthy left instructio­ns for his wealth to be used to help build strong, inclusive, supportive communitie­s through funding notfor-profit organisati­ons.

His specific instructio­ns for his generous bequeath were that the funds should be used to improve the quality of life for the disadvanta­ged and marginalis­ed, help children and young people develop and realise their full potential, look after and provide dignity for older people and provide essential medical and emergency services.

Nearly 120 years later, the Trust has distribute­d more than $82m through regular, ongoing grants as well as a separate fund that community organisati­ons are able to apply for.

This year more than

$2.5 million has been awarded by the Macarthy Trust Board to entities including the RoyalNew

Zealand Ballet, Wellington City Mission, Wellington Zoo and Wellington Women’s Refuge.

The Trust Board usually includes the Governor-General, the Prime Minister (or representa­tive), the Catholic Archbishop of Wellington and the capital city’s mayor. 2021 was the first meeting for the new Governor-General, Dame Cindy Kiro.

Public Trust acts as trustee for the TG Macarthy Trust. Its duties includeman­aging the assets of the Trust, reporting on the Trust’s financial position and taking part in the sign-off process for awarding grants.

St John New Zealand received $150,000 from the TG Macarthy Trust last year.

‘‘This grant was used to purchase a new state-of-the-art ambulance for use in taki and the surroundin­g communitie­s. St John relies on donations and grants from trusts like the TG Macarthy Trust to purchase new ambulances and lifesaving equipment and we cannot thank the trust enough for their ongoing support,’’ says a St

Johns spokespers­on.

Christians Against Poverty received $10,000. The organisati­on says the grant has

 ?? ALDEN WILLIAMS ?? St John New Zealand benefits with grants for the TG Macarthy Trust.
ALDEN WILLIAMS St John New Zealand benefits with grants for the TG Macarthy Trust.

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