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Mortgage broker StuartWill­s, of Mortgage Managers


Stuart Wills has been in the business since 1997. He says he has seen the market go up and down in that time, although generally over a 10-year period it has always risen.

Is it a good time to buy?

‘‘It depends on the situation. Over time the market has always gone up. If Iwas a first-home buyer, Iwouldn’t have any qualms about buying now.

‘‘Yes, the prices could drop further, but in five or 10 years, they will have risen.

‘‘Rents are going up, too. The good thing about buying a house is you’remore in control of your own destiny. They can’t put the rent up, or require you tomove.

‘‘If you buy a property you can fix it for a decent time and quantify what the payments are.’’

What strategies should home buyers employ in this market to get a bargain?

moment trying to get a five-week settlement.’’

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