Foods to re­duce body’s in­flam­ma­tion

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Last edi­tion we saw the im­pact of di­etary fats on the in­flam­ma­tory process.

Too much Omega 6 and too lit­tle Omega 3 push our bod­ies to­wards in­flam­ma­tion. There is how­ever an­other group of food com­pounds that have a huge im­pact on in­flam­ma­tion.

One of the main rea­sons to tar­get plant foods is that they are loaded with an­tiox­i­dant com­pounds. Th­ese are called phy­tonu­tri­ents (phyto=plant) that pro­mote heal­ing and are very anti-in­flam­ma­tory. They help pro­tect plants against free rad­i­cal dam­age and dis­ease. When we eat the plants, they help pre­vent dis­ease and re­duce in­flam­ma­tion.

An­tiox­i­dants are a vast range of com­pounds found in food, or made in our body that con­trol free rad­i­cals and pre­vent cell dam­age. Th­ese in­clude many vi­ta­mins, some min­er­als and but are mostly phy­tonu­tri­ents.

Great diet sources are dark berries, deep coloured fruits and veg­eta­bles, green tea, real red grape and pome­gran­ate juice. Make sure you add plenty of spices such as turmeric, ginger and chilli as th­ese are very an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory.

In sup­ple­ments the best sources are ex­tracts from grape seeds, acai berry, resver­a­trol, cur­cumin, bioflavonoids, carotenoids and berries. Well for­mu­lated sup­ple­ments can make a real dif­fer­ence. As part of a nu­tri­tional sup­port pro­gramme Iwill build in main­te­nance sup­ple­ments such as Omega 3, Vitamin D (in cooler months) and a good mul­ti­min­eral/vitamin/an­tiox­i­dant com­plex. De­pend­ing on the type of in­flam­ma­tion we could add joint spe­cific com­pounds. For gen­eral in­flam­ma­tion I like to add grape seed ex­tract at about 400mg, resver­a­trol at 100mg and al­pha lipoic acid at 100mg. For joints I add cur­cumin at 200mg plus sup­port­ing chon­droitin and glu­cosamine.

When com­bined with a good diet sup­ple­ments can help shift the body away from un­wanted in­flam­ma­tion. Just do­ing this one thing can make our lives much more com­fort­able.

SPICY: Turmeric is one of sev­eral spices that can re­duce in­flam­ma­tion.

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