Get­ting it all ready for Christ­mas

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It’s not of­ten that I write my fi­nal col­umn for the year and men­tion the words “wet and warm” in it. We’re not ac­tu­ally “steamy” but not far from it when the clouds dis­perse and that sun ap­pears.

Phil and I are lucky to be spend­ing this week (that’s the plan..) in our gar­den at home and tim­ing couldn’t be more per­fect for plant­ing. The soil is won­drously warm and damp. A cus­tomer has just told me that the soil temp in his gar­den is 23 de­grees!

All the plants thrive in these con­di­tions and it’s so lovely to look up and see the Peak still green. A green Christ­mas is a fab­u­lous present to a gar­dener!

Yes­ter­day we trimmed the huge buxus hedge — time is right for hedge trim­ming. When you trim you ex­pose fo­liage that hasn’t seen the sun be­fore and it can eas­ily be sun­burnt. Be care­ful not to trim when the tem­per­a­tures are high and the fore­cast is for lots of sunny days.

If fo­liage is burnt the leaves go blonde and it won’t grow out — it will drop off!

Then you have to wait for another batch of new growth which will take many weeks and you are left with a very ugly hedge in­deed.

So watch the weather re­port — trim at the right time and fer­tilise and wa­ter af­ter­wards. Hedges should be fed through­out the year and a good op­tion is ICAN Slow Food. It feeds slowly for a two year pe­riod, so it’s a bit like the Wet and For­get in fer­tiliser. I use it on pretty much ev­ery­thing and it’s very safe in pots and even in­doors.

A pot costs just $14.99 and goes a re­ally long way. Per­fect for roses too, though I give them some ex­tra No­vatec to boost them back into flower as quickly as pos­si­ble.

If you are trim­ming buxus now is the time to start spray­ing them with a pre­ven­ta­tive\cu­ra­tive spray for Buxus blight. Buxus Blight Fighter is what you need — we have a great spray pro­gramme for you which we are fol­low­ing with great re­sults.

Get­ting Ready for Christ­mas: Next week I must re­mem­ber (note to self) to haul out the slightly ne­glected liv­ing Christ­mas tree and perk it up with some IN­STANT food. Not Slow Food, but ICAN Fast Food is go­ing to be re­quired to bring back the nice green look in time for Christ­mas. I might have to dis­guise some of my ne­glect with some well-placed or­na­men­ta­tion… It ap­pears to have de­vel­oped a gap at the back as I’ve failed to turn that side to the sun from time to time and there’s no way it’s go­ing to fill that gap in three weeks.

Which brings me to the pots. Three weeks is enough time to plant up the pots and get them nice and min­g­ley be­fore Christ­mas. Last-minute plant­ing of pots not only costs you twice as much (as they haven’t dou­bled in size) but also they end up look­ing quite stiff. I hate stiff in a pot. Flow­ers and fo­liage need to min­gle and look en­tranc­ingly nat­u­ral. This CAN hap­pen in three weeks, I’m sure of it.

What to choose is the dilemma. There is soooo much to choose from. It’s quite nice to have a bit of red as it is Christ­mas. We are hav­ing a “spe­cial” fam­ily Christ­mas this year as my nephew and his wife are here from Eng­land, so all the stops will have to be pulled out. It’s time I started trolling the food mags for some new recipes too as they are such food­ies. It’s a busy month — but don’t stress, ‘cos what­ever you don’t do this year you can “save” for 2019!

Get the gar­den ready for Christ­mas.

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