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We take a look back at Have­lock North cour­tesy of Face­book page Ad­vance Have­lock

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Joe Ni­mon’s Mor­ris ‘bus waits out­side Craw­ford’s Book­shop and Bruce Duke’s Cake shop.

To the left of the Forester’s Hall is the same lat­tice­work hoard­ing ad­ver­tis­ing Fer­gus­son’s Plum­bers that can be seen in many a photo in vary­ing lo­ca­tions over time.

The post card photo is not clear enough to be able to read who is in what shop along from the Forester’s, but prom­i­nent is the Have­lock Phar­macy, which ap­pears to be the shop where Bob Thorp had his women’s fash­ion shop. Don­ald Symes had taken over from James de Montalk as Vil­lage chemist some date after 1941 and be­fore 1943.

It must have been in the early 50s that Don­ald moved to Mid­dle Rd — first around the cor­ner past Harry Lewis’ Have­lock Butcher’s shop with next along Mar­garet Curry’s Mar­garet’s Vil­lage Drap­ery, be­ing women’s and chil­dren’s wear. Hers was the third and last Mid­dle Rd shop be­fore Bob Given’s Black­smith’s back then.

The Trad­ing Com­pany and Jack Dun­can’s cy­cles are where Vil­lage Court is to­day.

Lo­cal iden­tity

The late 50s and a glimpse back to when or­chard­ing was done quite dif­fer­ently. This is Jock Pol­lock, a well known Vil­lage iden­tity in his time whose home, and what was then the other part of his or­chard, is still op­po­site the Mews. He and his boys were all stal­warts in the fire bri­gade, and (hear them com­ing!) didn’t those boys roar along Brook­vale, St Hill’s and Napier roads when the siren sounded! With Jock are two of his and Hilda’s sprogs, Whisky (Trevor) and Noe­line.

Wooden lad­ders, heavy cum­ber­some things — for metal tubu­lar ones had yet to ar­rive . . . and they made their ap­pear­ance by virtue of Have­lock North en­ter­prise — pi­o­neered and fab­ri­cated right here in the Vil­lage by Harry El­ven who lived at the right hand end of Ni­mon St.

Or­chard trees were al­lowed to grow much taller then, be­fore our lo­cal DSIR’s Dr Don McKen­zie’s work. I worked at thin­ning ap­ples 1970 Christ­mas hol­i­days for Vern Jef­feries in Thomp­son Rd, and stand­ing atop an 18’ metal lad­der I was still not able to reach the top of the tree. Hy­dra-lad­der op­er­a­tors, you’ve just no idea . . .

Jock did other work around Have­lock with his MasseyFer­gus­son trac­tor, ro­tary hoe­ing new sec­tions ready for the spuds be­fore the lawn went down, and with his PTO mounted saw­bench he’d cut up all your large prun­ings, etc, for fire­wood.

This Vil­lage scene from mid 1940s was from a post card loaned to Ad­vance Have­lock by Fred Pomeroy.

Jock Pol­lock up a lad­der along with Trevor and Noe­line from a neg­a­tive sup­plied by Don Clap­per­ton.

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