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‘Road rage’ led to attack with shovel


A 27-year-old Napier labourer in a violent ‘‘road rage’’ incident has admitted he forced another motorist to pull over and threatened to kill him with a shovel.

In Napier District Court yesterday, Judge Richard Watson said the case was similar to one in Auckland recently where a road-rage attack left a motorist with two broken legs and a shattered ankle.

A police summary said Hikurangi Colin Malcolm was driving his truck on SH2 toward Napier on October 27 when he was cut off by another driver. Entering a ‘‘state of rage’’ he chased the offending vehicle, eventually getting it to pull over on the concrete layby opposite Hawke’s Bay Airport.

He left the vehicle with a spanner but went back for a shovel when he saw the person he was about to confront was a ‘‘large man’’.

Pulling the man’s keys from the ignition and throwing them into scrubland across the road, Malcolm accused the man of cutting him off before beginning to swing the shovel at him — leaving two dents on his vehicle.

When the man got out of his vehicle, Malcolm threatened to kill him before hitting him on the left leg with the shovel, causing bruising and tenderness to the left knee.

Malcolm returned to his vehicle before coming back, threatenin­g to kill the man a final time, and then drove off.

He was charged with wilful damage and assault with a blunt instrument.

Judge Watson criticised Malcolm for his lack of control, saying the victim’s injuries could have been much worse, and remanded him until next month for a probation officer’s report.

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