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- Yep Ban them from private sale

The story on our Facebook page headed “Fireworks spark the death of a much-loved horse near Hastings” drew these comments:

● Jude McNally: Poor darling RIP

● Frances Veldhoen: Ban Fireworks. ● Wikitoria Mitai: My children and grandchild­ren knew Peaches . . . Bloody sad alright

● Catherine Taylor: BAN THEM!!!

● Joscelyn Ash: Time to ban fireworks. Why are we celebratin­g a UK criminal in NZ?

● Michelle Cole: The noise is getting

louder, should be banned ● Dot Clark:

● Fred Tauatoro Mitai: So sad that people don’t think about animals Every living creature has the remedy to heal to give a sense hope. I just want to bless Peaches on the journey to Heaven

● Thomas Sutton: RIP Peaches you changed a lot of lives but sadly some people couldn’t change theirs to help animals like you when they have fireworks. Ban fireworks public sales and just have the profession­als do them

● Ashleigh Scott: Naww so sad,

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