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● When my eldest child was a toddler I started taking laundry baskets to the supermarke­t to pack my groceries in. Much easier to unpack at home! That child is now 42 and I am on my second set of baskets. Avoided a heap of unnecessar­y plastic bags over the years.

● Great to see all the families and cars on parade lighting fires to set off their fireworks. This morning there is broken glass, litter galore, left over fireworks and fires still steaming. Very shameful Napier citizens. Thanks to the workers for clearing up.

● Fireworks starting to be let off yippee might shut some of the barking dogs up in the neighborho­od.

● Cat gets shot article has quote by SPCA saying if you shoot a cat there is a 5 year jail sentence and a $100000 fine possible for the offender. Does this apply to feral cats as well? Hard to differenti­ate stray to feral. Like other pets cats need to be controlled and contained on owners property to be safe. Funny cats have greater status than native birds.

● I see there is now a security guard at the gate to the Te Mata walking track. Wonder who’s paying for this.

● To the texter asking why we have Halloween: Because it’s a centuries old celebratio­n and festival, far older than our country and heritage.

● Did you know that teachers overseas use “the Maori culture to create beautiful pieces of artwork” with their students?

● Put a toll gate on both ends of Tollemarch­e Rd. That will stop the so and sos dumping rubbish time ER

● The pukekos getting run over. They are a pest they need to be eliminated they even fly into trees and take the eggs of birds let alone farmers crops they eat.

● Roger Moroney talked about the many ad breaks during a TV programme. Some time ago a wit said he was totally enjoying watching TV but was annoyed by the constant breaks showing a programme lol.

● St Leonard’s park looks like a tip. Weeds, glass, metal, rocks. What were you thinking? Do it once do it right.

● Re Donald Trump’s answer to everything guns, guns and more guns, well that’s Amercia for you no president before him has done anything about them and it is written that every American has the right to carry a gun.

● Come on HDC how about fixing water leaks on Napier Rd affecting businesses. A week not on.

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