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Buyers worry about lack of rain


- Rose Harding

Markets were sluggish for all but the best stock at yesterday’s store sale at Stortford Lodge. Without outside support from buyers from Waikato, Manawatu, Taupo and Rotorua it could have been worse as Hawke's Bay buyers worry about a lack of rain and easing schedules.

The yarding of about 1250 head of cattle was mostly of good quality. The top cut of a yarding of 86 weaner friesian bulls weighing 105kg made $500, or $4.73/kg.

Good yearling 393kg angus bulls made up to $1080/head.

In the sheep pens, hoggets with young lambs at foot were good buying at between $73 all counted and $77.

The lambs were all spring lambs and the best of them made $141. However, longer-term lambs were harder work for auctioneer­s.



Cows, calves at foot: Paranui Farm, Otamauri, six ang cows, six calves, av weight, 540kg, 257c/kg, $1390/head. Steers: 2yr, P and J Lee, Maraetotar­a, 16 ang, av weight, 486kg, 306c/kg, $1490/head; B Phillips, Raupunga, five ang, av weight, 504kg, 300c/kg, $1515/head; 11 here-fries, av weight, 408kg, 279c/kg, $1140/head; Owalota Trust, Waipawa, 11 here-fries, av weight, 377kg, 265c/kg, $1000/head; Hokonui, Maraetotar­a, nine here-fries, av weight, 460kg, 278c/kg, $1280/head; Paritu Enterprise­s, Maraekakah­o, seven ang, av weight, 424kg, 275c/kg, $1170/head; HardMaster Farm, Havelock North, seven ang, av weight, 541kg, 282c/kg, $1530/head. Yrling, Ohinemana Farm, Chatham Island, 15 here-fries, av weight, 192kg, 273c/kg, $525/head; G and E Cameron, Chatham Island, seven crossbred, av weight, 288kg, 280c/kg, $810/head; Te Matarae Farm, Chatham Island, 19 herecross, av weight, 243kg, 177c/kg, $650/head; 22 here-cross, av weight, 314kg, 299c/kg, $940/head; Camden Contractor­s, Waipukurau, six here-cross, av weight, 321kg, 217c/kg, $700/head; A J Arnold and Co, Kaiwaka, 10 ang and charo-cross, av weight, 262kg, 295c/kg, $775/head;.

Bulls: Yrling, Tawhara Farm, Wairoa, 11 ang, av weight, 393kg, 274c/kg, $1080/head; P and J Lee, Maraetotar­a, nine here-cross, av weight, 293kg, 364c/kg, $1070/head; Little Texas, Whirinaki, seven fries, av weight, 392kg, 239c/kg, $940/head. Wnr, J and B Lane, Twyford, 20 fries, av weight, 79kg, 519c/kg, $410/head, nine fries, av weight, 105kg, 473c/kg, $500/head; 17 fries, av weight, 94kg, 483c/kg, $455/head; 40 fries, av weight, 81kg, 509c/kg, $415/head. Heifers: 2yr, Glentui P/ship, Highway 50, 19 ang, av weight, 446kg, 292c/kg, $1305/head; 12 ang-here, av weight, 478kg, 278c/kg, $1335/head; D Phillips, Te Aute, 10 charo-cross, av weight, 328kg, 271c/kg, $890/head. Yrling, G and E Cameron, Chatham Island, 22 ang-here, av weight, 266c/kg, 281c/kg, $750/head; Ohinemana Farm, Chatham Island, 13 ang-here, av weight, 180kg, 260c/kg, $470/head; M Rickard-Worth, eight herefries, av weight, 296kg, 256c/kg, $760/head; G and R Horler, Chatham Island, nine here, av weight, 214kg, 228c/kg, $490/head; AJ Arnold and Co, Kaiwaka, five ang and charo, av weight, 265kg, 281c/kg, $745/head; G Single, Puketapu, five here-fries, av weight, 266kg, 250c/kg, $665/head; L Manley, Farm Rd, seven fries-cross, av weight, 211kg, 236c/kg, $500.


Hoggets with lambs at foot: Awanui, Pakipaki, 19 hgts, 21 lambs, $75 all counted; 19 hgts, 22 lambs, $73; 135 hgts, 126 lambs, $76; BR and AE Farming, Middle Rd, 24 hgts, 24 lambs, $73; Glendoone, Crownthorp­e, 38 hgts, 38 lambs, $75; 23 hgts, 25 lambs, $73.50; 22 hgts, 27 lambs, $77.

Lambs: Mangatapir­i Station, Elsthorpe, 202 m/s, $141; 224 m/s b/f, $122; 223 m/s b/f, $121; 74 m/s b/f, $100; Est D B Wilson, Waimarama, 133 m/s b/f, $137.50; 137 ram b/f, $119.50; 148 ewe b/f, $113.50; 150 m/s b/f, $86; Mangarara Farm, Elsthorpe, 149 m/s, $114; 268 m/s, $86; 139 m/s, $79. Natusch P/ship, Maraekakah­o, 71 m/s, $125.50; 69 m/s, $108; Mahoe Station, Omakere, 165 m/s, $107.50247 m/s, $87.50; 157 m/s, $81.50; Droxford Farm Trust, Middleton Rd, 114 m/s, $96; 77 m/s, $110; 79 m/s, $83.50; I and M Abernethy, Bush Rd, 155 m/s, $93.50; Tiro-Moana P/ship, Blackhead Rd, 80 ram, $87.50; 50 ram, $80; O’Grady Farming, Kotemaori, 186 m/s, $102; Waikareao, Te Aute, 215 m/s b/f, $107; 139 m/s b/f, $93.50; Longacre, Tukituki, 127 m/s, $83.50; The Heath, Aorangi Rd, 107 m/s, $83.50; Maaka Farm, Waimarama, 71 weth, $87; 54 weth, $68.50; On Farm Research, Poukawa, 46 m/s, $101.

Longer-term lambs were harder work for auctioneer­s.


Prices for good-sized yardings of ewes and cattle remained firm at Monday’s sale.

The cattle yarding of 81 head was mostly quality cows in good order and which sold accordingl­y.

Ewe prices in the yarding of about 2000 head also firmed on last week in a reflection of improved quality.

Spring lambs are now in the majority in the lamb yarding and they also sold well.



Cows: (Ang, here, specklepar­k, fries, simm-cross) Av weight, 505kg to 710kg, 211c/kg, to 241.5c/kg, $1065/head to $1597/head.

Heifers: (Fries, fries-cross, here-fries) Av weight, 370kg to 541kg, 198c/kg to 290c/kg, $732/head to $1569/head. Oxen: (Here-fries, simm-cross) Av weight, 582kg to 705kg, 290c/kg to 300.5c/kg, $1689/head to $2115/head.


Ewes: Slipe: heavy, $174 to $180.50; good, $157.50 to $162; med, $127 to $149; light, $97.50 to $109.50. Shorn, heavy, $175.50 to $183; med, $148 to $162.

Lambs: Hoggets, l/t, $125 to $209; ewe, $190; m/s, $94 to $190. Spring, ewe, $177.50; m/s, $64 to $160. ■

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