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Cryptic crossword



1. A street in a chaste setting where grazing takes place (7) 5. Fish one got out of one’s mouth right in the middle (5) 8. Newspaper columns for the top people (7) 9. I’d follow right American private back without bending (5) 10. Richly bedeck table bird including a variety of airs (9) 12. A mariner will try all reasonable openings (3) 13. Ring of bells around 1st December will get cycle going (5) 17. By quitting the vestibule, aim high (3) 19. Having sign for 13 in way out, editor got it shifting (9) 21. Furze goes wrong right in the centre (5) 22. How quietly men dance heads off by way of expiation (7) 24. Article a foot short: it’s a crime! (5) 25. Place it on the turn in South Africa with half the team (7)


1. Grand home for friend and distinguis­hed airman (6) 2. In three ways electric measure is to a degree overrun (7) 3. Uncle sells expensive starters as a matter of habit (3) 4. Letters that give one the bends – doubly so (5) 5. Deprived of air, good man telephoned and went ahead (9) 6. Tory one is entitled to (5) 7. Monarchs made out with doctors, in short (6) 11. Stand for a gift that’s been re-opened (9) 14. Flower got from a net up and about one (7) 15. Dart has one for a set of steps (6) 16. Stick small advertisem­ent where I am standing (6) 18. Brought into world at end of line and got carried along (5) 20. Occupants of the Vatican work among half the grapes (5) 23. Capture one without a head that is without a hat (3)

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