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● Tax avoidance is legal so those who can afford to use a smart accountant pay less tax than people who do their own tax returns. Obviously that is how “the rich get richer”; not very fair is it?

● Housing NZ inaction re errant tenants. A similar situation in Mahora, despite regular complaints to HNZ. Should the police send a bill for their callouts?

● HNZ says its houses are for those most in need. It seems they are “in need” because they refuse to behave in a legal or reasonable manner. When will NZers stop putting up with this type of intimidati­on and abuse? I’ve had a guts full, myself! SD

● Water meters in Napier — yeah right. After having to run all the taps on my property for 20+ minutes so I can get a clear glass of water I don’t think so.

● The Government’s lax attitude to gangs is going to turn us into another Mexico.

● Nick Stewart you are dreaming. Anyone who has invested in property knows it is the safest and has the best return. Best advice to everyone is save your money, get that first home, you’ll never look back and it will always appreciate In value. VKG Marewa

● Agree, nobody should be homeless or hungry, but it’s what people do with their money that’s the problem. No gambling, cigarettes, booze, and stop having kids that you can’t afford to keep. Problem solved.

● This country is named New Zealand so when we talk about it or print it on anything New Zealand should come before Aotearoa not the other way around.

● Agree with texter re neglect and mismanagem­ent in Keirunga. Really pleased that so many people are putting in submission­s (close March 15) because locals love the trees there and want them managed, not removed.

● School holidays. Perhaps the summer holidays could start much closer to Christmas. This would save a whole week. Most workers have to work right up to Christmas eve. A few tweeks to term four timetables.

● When people have an accident why do they always blame government, councils, event organisers or anyone else and then demand changes. What happened to personal responsibi­lity and being careful and even then sometimes “accidents” just happen.

● Is Winston still around? We hardly ever see or hear him nowadays.

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