Hawke's Bay Today

Cryptic crossword



1. Patterns worked out crossing the nave (8) 4. Speck of soot not talked of in polite company (4) 8. A worker or soldier in human terms (3) 9. No more fighting for the Sappers: cut it out! (5) 10. A snare of machine-made lace (3) 11. Story with a moral backing in hotel bar, apparently (7) 12. Find fault with the way Mabel put it (5) 13. Large store can make up rest, right? (11) 17. Sort of point that may be sharply defined (5) 18. Ache I’ve got to bring it to a successful conclusion (7) 20. It can observe a spring of water (3) 21. Take a trick up to make a false charge (5) 22. One’s object is to be one in a thousand (3) 23. The theatre’s closed, so keep it secret (4) 24. Men’s diet may be composed of the dregs (8)


1. Takes to the road with the cargo-steamers (6) 2. Change the rate in which pound is held (5) 3. Wait a while and tumultuous sea will get up (5) 5. Composite picture in mat gone wrong (7) 6. Stagger along like a retriever of rubbish (6) 7. Fact of belonging to a politician’s joint (10) 9. Lay it between plate and board (10) 14. It’s not obvious that pawnbroker has a right to it (7) 15. It may hurt one’s feelings to break the law (6) 16. It allows one to give instructio­n to hairdresse­r (6) 18. A goddess such as Clio to keep one entertaine­d (5) 19. If it turns up in one’s area, wipe it out (5)

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