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Following the story on our Facebook page headed “Backpacker­s’ antics in swells raises eyebrows in Napier” we asked Facebook readers if Napier residents were too scared of their own beach?

● Manolo Naveira: We used to live in Hastings and I was told not to go to the Napier beach because of its danger so we used to go to Waimarama or Ocean beach. Now we live in northern Spain surrounded by different sandy beaches. Greetings to all our Kiwi friends.

● Jah Kayzarious-Takurua Shillingfo­rd-Wairama: Lol scared?? I don’t think we’re scared! I think we’re just not dumb. Backpacker­s and or foreigners don’t know of the risk they’re taking swimming in Napier beaches.

● Ruth Horrocks: Everyone local knows not to swim there!

● Kathleen Walker: Pretty obvious something wrong if locals not swimming there!!!!

● Ryan Cadwallade­r: I lived out at Whirinaki. Some days you just didn’t go near the sea. Those photos are a prime example.

● Kiri J Goodspeed: It’s all fun and games until someone gets into trouble out there and risks the lives of others when they need rescuing.

● George Eden: How many more have to drown before something is done about that wicked undertow?

● Cara Pritchard: Grew up in Napier, I was taught from real young, do not swim the Marine Parade beach!

● Kathleen Walker: Council needs to build large piers like they have over in Ozzy. We might get more use out of our Marine Parade beach. Waste of a lovely beach due to unsafe rips and undertows

● Matthew Gibson: Not even a beach, more likely rocky shore

● Angela Ockey: Unfortunat­ely visitors don’t know how many people have drowned in our local sea.

● Harrison Wiggins: Who wants to swim in rough dumpers when you can go to any other beach in HB and go surfing or boogie boarding ● Janet Elizabeth Dunn: Just take the safe highway and recommend a safe spot to swim!! We appreciate the warnings we received or I may not be here to post this!

● Kiriwera Kerei Gilbert: If you are local and know our beach you know where to swim. Simple, swim between the flags. I’ve signed that book twice at the surf club and was stabbed by a stingray in the main artery, didn’t hear me crying or complainin­g, just got back in there. Matt Cox remember those big waves?

● Ann Christie: Haven’t they got signs up of the danger?

● Alyse Hornby-Howes: We all know not to swim there . . . last time I was swimming in that beach would have been 1997

● Jesse Amber: Swam on Marine Parade last week. It was great!

● Amy Dawson: I’ve had nightmares about Napier beach

● Jack Harrisson: I wouldn’t touch that beach. They wouldn’t know any better.

● Barry Searle: As kids, early 60s we used to come up from Waipukurau and stay with someone in Raffles St, walk up to the beach and swim there all the time.

● Katelyn Jensen: You cant see the dangers of that undertow on the surface. Local people respect it’s not a swim zone.

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