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● Can someone explain the three bars sports people display on their uniforms. I thought it denoted military rank.

● Hey love seeing our Black Caps have Aotearoa on their shirts. Lets be bilingual NZ. PE

● Jacinda needs to go to language school, her diction is shocking. Poverdy communidy, etc, sounds just like Helen Clark.

● School hols are a time for teachers to recharge as well. If hols are 4 weeks then teachers only get 2-3weeks because we go back earlier to set up rooms, meetings, planning for a new class, profession­al developmen­t, etc.

● Regarding gluten free meat. All meat is gluten free. The issue however is the additives, coatings and flavouring­s they add to meat now. Most contain gluten. I have a daughter with coeliac disease therefore I have to check all food items!

● The moaning has started again over trucks on Marine Parade why on earth did you move there in the first place the trucks were there long before you.

● Re mission concert, I thought NO umbrellas or high chairs meant No

● A big thank you to the volunteers and new committee for the work they are doing to get our Taradale RSA up and running again. It’s a pleasure to go into the club and experience the happy friendly atmosphere. Please support them.

● Mike Williams’ opinion piece HBT Feb 9 simply laughable. Shane Jones’ back room dealing in 2005 got him a winnable place on the party list

● The editorial on Saturday says the unemployme­nt number dropped but the number receiving the dole increased. How does that tally? At one time you jumped through hoops to receive the dole you were entitled to and now it seems to be the opposite. Unfair system.

● Re the Future of Raureka parks, I wouldn’t walk through Ebbett Park in the daytime let along at night to dangerous, turn it into a housing subdivisio­n.

● Re street threats and violence, Rachelle and her neighbours should contact their local MP asap!

● Bryan Johnson, letter Saturday, February 9 is correct, the Treaty signed in 1840 is not a partnershi­p between Maori and European and never will be. Many try to call it so to their advantage. This misinterpr­etation is now widely heard. If more NZ history is to be taught in schools then the correct translatio­n and interpreta­tion must be taught.

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