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Hawke’s Bay Today

- Linda Hall

has two family passes (2 adults, 2 children) to give away to Eran ‘The Bubble Man’.

The simple act of blowing bubbles is always a hit with young and old. There’s something magical about watching the bubbles form, rise and take on a cascade of light before popping in the air or blowing away. It’s fun, so just imagine if blowing bubbles was what you did for a living. That’s exactly what Eran the Bubble Man does. The bubbleolog­ist has been a huge hit in New Zealand. winning the Audience Choice Award at Nelson Fringe 2018, as well as Face TV’s Best Family Act Award in 2016. Based mainly in the UK, Eran is back in New Zealand on an 18-centre North Island tour and will be performing two shows at Theatre Hawke’s Bay, on Thursday, February 21. Eran said it all started 12 years ago in the UK when a friend showed him a giant bubble sword. “I was fascinated and had to go and buy one for myself. I played around with it and then a few years later I was travelling around Berlin with my son and we came across a bubble man performing in the street. He had loads of people surroundin­g him and they were all laughing and having fun. “When I got home I started playing around more and buying different things. You’d be surprised at how much you can spend on bubbles,” he laughed. He did a bit of research and found a small community of bubble artists around the world who did it for a living. His first real gig was a birthday party for a friend’s child. Today his shows are a unique blend of magic, storytelli­ng and bubble art. Ginormous bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, bouncy bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, and even fire bubbles are used in this captivatin­g display, suitable for all ages. “I was travelling when I discovered the craft of giant soap bubbles, so now I feel really humbled to get to make a living from taking my bubble-art around the world. It’s amazing seeing how people react with amazement and laughter — these spheres of water and soap and air are so simple yet so magical and profound.” He has “captured” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a giant bubble and will be inviting people from the audience to join him on stage. Eran holds the Guinness World Record for putting the greatest number of people inside giant soap bubbles in 30 seconds. He’s also waiting on confirmati­on for the Guinness World Record for the longest time inside a bubble. He placed his wife inside a bubble for 63 seconds. Eran is looking forward to his Hawke’s Bay shows. “I have been to the Bay before and love being by the sea. You can expect lots of bubbles, storytelli­ng, science, clowning around and some good fun.”

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