Whether Bloom­field acted il­le­gally is ir­rel­e­vant; it worked

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Top bosses don’t earn their pay

Phil Goff is unim­pressed with the $775,000 salary of the Water­care boss be­ing higher than the chief ex­ec­u­tive’s. Not sur­pris­ingly, the av­er­age wage earner/ ratepayer is also unim­pressed and an­gry with the ob­scene salaries paid to most of the up­per ech­e­lon of busi­ness and pub­lic ser­vice.

Pay­ing these salaries does not nec­es­sar­ily equate to qual­ity of de­ci­sion­mak­ing. These top salaries must be reined back as no one “earns” what is now be­ing paid.

We are all part of a so­ci­ety. Covid-19 has shown that un­der­paid clean­ers, health­care work­ers etc. are do­ing just as crit­i­cal a job for so­ci­eties’ well­be­ing and pros­per­ity as the over­paid bosses.

David F. Lit­tle, Whanga¯ rei

Labour alone a bet­ter op­tion

It is look­ing in­creas­ingly likely that after this elec­tion Labour may well be able to

Legally, we won’t have a team if [di­rec­tor­gen­eral of health Ash­ley] Bloom­field broke the law. A sec­ond wave [of Covid] is then much more more likely.

Id­iots will flaunt their rights, con­fi­dence will fail, busi­nesses will not have the team sup­port­ing them, and nurses, doc­tors and paramedics will lose con­fi­dence.

Ex­perts in law are not ex­perts in crowd dy­nam­ics; herd in­stinct will pre­vail and the po­lice will be over­whelmed by law­less­ness. Su­per­mar­kets will run out of stock, med­i­cal cen­tres will close, test­ing for Covid will take weeks, hos­pi­tals will max out, pa­tients will die before a bed is free, mor­tu­ar­ies will be swamped . . . Martial law will be im­posed as a last re­sort.

Whether Bloom­field acted law­fully is ir­rel­e­vant; it worked. If we do it Trump’s way and pro­mote rights to free­dom, the virus will win. Covid-19 doesn’t care about rights, the law or lawyers. It wants peo­ple closely in­ter­act­ing, with­out wash­ing hands or wear­ing masks. It ab­hors a lock­down and loves lawyers who give id­iots an ex­cuse to be­have badly.

Steve Rus­sell, Hill­crest gov­ern alone. Although it is ac­knowl­edged that seven weeks is a long time in pol­i­tics, in my view, this would be a bet­ter op­tion than a coali­tion with the Greens, as their poli­cies ap­pear to be po­ten­tially send­ing us back­wards.

Labour has al­ready an­nounced it wants to in­crease ru­ral in­comes by $44 bil­lion over the next decade, whereas the Greens want to close down farms and refuse to per­mit dams for ir­ri­ga­tion schemes which would help in­crease farm­ing in­comes.

The Greens also want to in­tro­duce a wealth tax. Sadly, the Greens are not prepared to learn from what has hap­pened over­seas, where sim­i­lar taxes have re­sulted in a flow of wealth to off­shore tax havens.

Re­mem­ber, it’s not what they are telling us that we should worry about, it’s what they are not telling us that should con­cern us.

Vote wisely, and re­mem­ber, a strong op­po­si­tion can be a good bal­anc­ing tool, es­pe­cially with us po­ten­tially fac­ing a grave re­ces­sion.

Mike Baker, Tau­ranga

To find a per­son or peo­ple who have been in close prox­im­ity to a per­son in­fected with Covid-19 is a huge, time-con­sum­ing job, very of­ten with a poor re­sult.

What about get­ting all New Zealan­ders the Prox­im­ity Card, as pro­posed by Sam Mor­gan?

Sure, it’s $10 for each card, sure the like­li­hood is that not all of the pop­u­la­tion will wear the card as strictly re­quired, but it should be a big help in most in­quiries.

Harold Thomas, Orewa

TV news needs to lift game

I have long thought our TV news chan­nels only need one news­reader not two.

At present, one will read a sen­tence then the other one the next sen­tence, then back to the first and so on. There is a strong bias to lo­cal news, which is un­der­stand­able, but su­per­fi­cial cov­er­age of world news.

For world news I watch BBC, Al Jazeera or CGTN, all of whom use one pre­sen­ter and these pre­sen­ters are well in­formed, well re­searched so can also carry out in­depth in­ter­views with cor­re­spon­dents, politi­cians, econ­o­mists.

Our TV News chan­nels need to lift their game.

Alan Mil­ton, Cam­bridge

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