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It’s time to speed up vaccinatio­ns Ministers Chris Hipkins and Ayesha Verrall have admitted separately that the vaccinatio­n rate has been slowed to avoid running out of vaccines and having vaccinator­s doing nothing. Hipkins admitted this is already happe


Call me ignorant, but surely it would make sense to speed up vaccinatio­ns in order to achieve herd immunity so New Zealand can open its borders to safe countries. This, surely, would help improve the economy.

Currently the rollout speed is excruciati­ngly slow, is there anyone that’s competent enough to take charge? At the present speed it would take years to jab the whole country.

Why can’t surgeries and pharmacies do it now?

Swee-In Blackeby, Auckland

Please explain

SNAFU in DHB vaccine distributi­on? Steve Russell, Hillcrest

Poor taste

I found the “cartoon” by Emmerson in the Herald on Sunday (April 11) to be in very poor taste. Just sorry that you could not have printed something better.

Anne Parsons, Pakuranga

Tougher penalties

Minister Michael Wood announced the penalty will be increased for using a cellphone while driving — wonderful. It will be a fine of $150 — weak, (especially compared to Australia where using a cellphone while driving is now rare).

The only way to eliminate this dangerous practice is much tougher penalties including increased demerit points and a lot more policing by officers in unmarked cars. The 40,000 people issued with infringeme­nt notices in the last year is a drop in the bucket of drivers actually doing it.

Fiona McAllister, Mt Maunganui

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