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1. How he acts in a wider sense when he’s on the air (11)

9. Lamb-like as one appears in the impetuosit­y of the French (5)

10. To understand more, PC involves hothead at the finish (10)

11. Maguey from East Virginia and Georgia running east to west (5)

12. Deceitful use Ovid made of it (7)

14. People of fashion are not to be turned (3)

15. Either way, be exhausted on deck (4)

16. Local disturbanc­e at end of September: grab one by the neck (6)

17. Availed oneself of the American edition (4)

21. Any possible involvemen­t of tungsten for the bore (4)

22. Public address takes a man aback … my hat! (6)

23. Every single one can be a schoolmast­er abandoned by the head (4)

26. Go in for exam … after standing successful­ly? (3)

27. Breathing-space, or a holier setting for it (7)

29. Contact one may put one’s finger on, but not if out of it (5)

30. Public showing might inhibit tailless oxen from appearing (10)

31. Don’t submit to authority: dance around the bridgehead (5)

32. Having wide influence on charger if an adaptation is made (3-8)


2. Dog hunting by scent is a right pain (5)

3. Tact of the old PC I may turn to (9)

4. Not liking to serve it out after a starter (6)

5. Formal compositio­n involves sitter with half of 23 (8)

6. Fieldwork Sappers construct with a coal-tub (5)

7. Kipling boy turned up at a party with emperor of Japan (6)

8. Furiously took dinner ... not holding back on the booze (11)

12. Sort of film of the century … a Mod version of it (11)

13. Small animal starts vaulting over low enclosure (4)

18. Distinguis­hing mark will help to overturn the reviewer (9)

19. One spotting birds is a fool dear to the French (8)

20. Ring round the moon has low ends removed (4) 24. Plump little river-fish will get by (6)

25. Make nonsense of boast offered up by the French (6)

26. It may be bracketed with a sandbank (5)

28. Undercloth­ing one has right to seize includes top of nightie (5)

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