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One of the best podcasts of the year so far is a series called Crushed, which took an in-depth look at the steroid cheating scandal that rocked baseball in the late 90s. If that podcast whet your appetite for more cheating scandals, Somethin’ Else (the studio that brought us Power: The Maxwells) delivers with their new series Cheat!

Each episode tells the story of a different cheating scandal, some of which you’ll have heard of, many of which you won’t. The stories are drawn from all corners — last week it was a young day trader who in 2010 wiped a trillion dollars off the world’s financial markets trading from his bedroom in London; this week it’s the story of a 1983 boxing match at Madison Square Garden which some call, against plenty of strong competitio­n, the most shameful night in boxing history.

While sandpaperi­ng a cricket ball or bowling it underarm is clearly a dog act, not all instances of cheating are so black and white. Which makes it an evergreen topic for a podcast series, and means Cheat! should have no shortage of interestin­g episodes to come.

 ??  ?? Six60, left, and Robert De Niro in Wag the Dog
Six60, left, and Robert De Niro in Wag the Dog

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