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Music legend Tim Finn’s brother, Neil and nephew Liam made Spy’s last generation­s list, two years ago .

Later that year, Tim’s son Harper entered the music business. Since then the 23-year-old singer/songwriter has become one of New Zealand’s rising music stars and kicked off a nationwide tour in May.

Last year, Harper told Spy he didn’t think he came from a Kiwi musical dynasty — despite dad Tim and uncle Neil being two of the country’s most legendary writers and performers. He has been proud and aware of how much his family’s music has meant to people and loves seeing the joy music brings to people’s lives.

From the side of the stage, he liked watching Tim transformi­ng into an out-of-this-world performer in front of thousands. This imprinted a strong image in his mind of the power of a frontman. His influencer­s include The Beatles, The Beach Boys and, of course, dad Tim.

He may be continuing his famous family’s legacy, but Harper’s proving himself as an artist in his own right and not just with numerous catchy singles. He also likes to dance. At the end of last year, he released Dance Away These Days, a synth ballad with an edgy video to match. Not only did he write and sing the track, but he also choreograp­hed his own dance moves and taught the dancers how to perform them.

It’s not just the Finn music gene that runs through Harper’s veins as his dad was a fashion icon back in the day. In a shoot with Viva, Harper showed he’s inherited that talent too.

 ??  ?? Harper and Tim Finn
Harper and Tim Finn

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