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1 In what year did The Beatles release the album

Rubber Soul?

2 What author wrote the novels Carrie, The

Shining, The Stand, It, Misery and The Green Mile? 3 Who is the Prime Minister of the United


4 How many thumbs does a koala have?

5 If you were in the city of Mombasa, which

country would you be in?

6 Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt are members of which fictional family?

7 Which Black Caps player scored a double century on his test cricket debut against England at Lord’s this month?

8 Who starred as Phoebe Buffay in the US sitcom


9 Autobahn (1974), Trans-Europe Express (1977), The

Man-Machine (1978) and Computer World (1981) are all albums by which band?

10 Ring-tailed, ruffed, red-fronted, Sahamalaza sportive and indri are all species of what type of animal?

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