Herald on Sunday

CRYPTIC CROSSWORD 22. Regulation very loudly included to unsettle one (6) 23. Unaccompan­ied by wine the Italians consider dry (5) 24. Caught in a trap by the wealth it produces (5)



1. They make a meteoric appearance filming Hollywood greats (8-5)

9. Find out for sure how to trace a sin to its destructio­n (9)

10. Normal turn in America taken by driver under instructio­n (5)

11. Paper used to do the charring (5)

12. Be able to tolerate time without food and remain unmoved (5,4)

13. Abrogates middle of Act in dress review (8)

15. Mean to be at home with tenpence in old money (6)

18. What the Tatler put out might shake one (6)

20. Insouciant embrace that encompasse­s the French (8)

23. The weever shows Sitting Bull was lacking in sex appeal (5-4)

24. After a while get it dead right (5)

25. One to make jokes at the hands of a juvenile reader (5)

26. If returned, copper put back in journal is held in trust (9)

27. Kestrel let her fly free but in a tumultuous way (6-7)


1. He speaks ill of Red, but learns to adapt (9)

2. Flowers concealed in form of cross without a tail (7)

3. Material for towelling top will go wrong at end of May (5)

4. Driver’s left sardine out at end of carriage (8)

5. South Africa, land in turmoil when something’s afoot (6)

6. There’s more than enough to call in whist (9)

7. Banger from America wrapped in herb (7)

8. Everybody has to turn up to parcel it out (5)

14. It doesn’t make sense of Gallic oil production (9)

16. How one might steer dory into much larger craft (9)

17. Poems falsely founded on having everything in them (8)

19. Celebratio­n of victory for politician one hurt by mistake (7)

21. One more cat without a piece out of it (7)

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