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Time we opened the ‘fortress’ gates


Thank you for your opinion “Stagnating away in Fortress New Zealand” (Kerre McIvor, HoS, July 11).

I am the director of a small to medium business and I want to employ an incredibly skilled, vaccinated guy from the UK.

What he would bring to our niche sector of the constructi­on industry is a game-changer for our business and for the jobs for New Zealanders that would flow from it.

Apart from the current closeddoor policy, the Government would see him as an ideal New Zealander.

I am beyond frustrated.

Keep up the good work.

Mary Whaley, Auckland

Pricey post

With all the recent fanfare from NZ Post about their new branding, funny how they didn’t mention about putting up their prices as well – perhaps to cover the $15 million cost of the unnecessar­y rebranding?

R Anderson, Pukekohe

Police inaction

While police may “discourage” [people] from taking matters “into their own hands” regarding vehicle thefts, I am not surprised they have.

A few years ago, a car was stolen from the street outside our house.

The owner was a boy of 16 or 17 and he had some unique parts and other items in it. Within a day or two he had identified them on Trade Me.

He contacted the advertiser, went to his place pretending to be a potential buyer, and sure enough they were from his car.

We advised him not to get involved with the thief, but to report it to the police.

Instead of immediatel­y going to the property and recovering the stolen property , the police did precisely nothing.

Eventually, after constant queries and reminders, a couple of months later the police finally went to the thief’s house , and reported back they couldn’t find the stolen property. Of course, it was by then long gone.

This resulted in a complete lack of faith in the police by the boy and his friends. I wonder what we would advise them, and what they would do, if the same thing happens again in the future?

John Burns, Mt Eden

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