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Wagon wheel de­signs have been pop­u­lar for herb gar­dens, but there are not so many wagon wheels about now. Use old bricks or large stones to lay out the ‘spokes’ and mass plant herbs in the seg­ments. If you’re plan­ning a huge herb gar­den, mark out the spokes with small cob­ble­stones that can dou­ble as paths so you can walk to the cen­tre. Plant with low-grow­ing herbs such as thyme, chamomile, mar­jo­ram and oregano. Avoid tall or fast-spread­ing herbs. Got a gravel path? Use it to grow herbs of Mediter­ranean ori­gin, which like good drainage. Choose herbs such as sage, sa­vory, thyme, rose­mary, laven­der, oregano, mar­jo­ram and tar­ragon.

To plant, re­move some of the gravel from your path and dig a hole or trench to a depth of 30cm. Add a 12cm layer of rub­ble to the hole, fol­lowed by 10cm of freedrain­ing soil mix (a mix of 3 parts soil, 2 parts peat and 1 part sharp sand). Then fill the hole with gravel.

You can grow a sim­i­lar herb gar­den among your pavers. Re­move al­ter­nat­ing pavers to make a che­quer­board pat­tern and plant up the bare spa­ces.

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