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Toma­toes con­tain con­tain high lev­els of cal­cium; vi­ta­mins A,B, C and K; beta-carotene; di­etary fi­bre; folic acid; and, an­tiox­i­dants, in­clud­ing lypocene. They are cred­ited with ev­ery­thing from pre­vent­ing can­cer to giv­ing you shiny hair.

Ly­copene is the carotenoid pig­ment that gives toma­toes their rich colour­ing. A study by Mark Chris­tensen from the Her­itage Food Crops Research Trust in Whanganui found that the ly­copene from orange and yel­low toma­toes is bet­ter ab­sorbed than the ly­copene from red toma­toes. All-trans-ly­copene is the form of ly­copene in modern red toma­toes, but it cannot pass eas­ily into the blood­stream un­less cooked. The highly ben­e­fi­cial, eas­ily ab­sorbed te­tra-cis-ly­copene in her­itage orange and yel­low toma­toes is a re­ces­sive gene that was re­placed by the dom­i­nant red form dur­ing cen­turies of tomato breed­ing.

Sow seeds in early spring and trans­plant into a sunny po­si­tion in the gar­den about late Oc­to­ber, when the soil has warmed. Pro­vide a stake for climb­ing va­ri­eties. Feed well and keep evenly wa­tered through­out the sea­son.

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