Us­ing a preser­va­tive in nat­u­ral cos­met­ics

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Many nat­u­ral cos­metic mak­ers use Liq­uid Ger­mall Plus, a paraben-free broad spec­trum preser­va­tive that is very ef­fec­tive against gram positive and neg­a­tive bac­te­ria, yeasts and moulds. It is con­sid­ered safe to use and com­pat­i­ble with most cos­metic in­gre­di­ents. How­ever, some folks will not use it be­cause it re­leases formalde­hyde, al­beit in very small amounts, over time. Oth­ers say that the formalde­hyde has such a short life that it does not build up over time, and that‘s what makes it ap­peal­ing as a preser­va­tive in nat­u­ral cos­met­ics. The slow re­lease of formalde­hyde al­lows for a con­stant low level at all times, just enough to en­sure suf­fi­cient lev­els to in­hibit mi­cro­bial growth.

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