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Cre­at­ing a space that en­cour­ages open-ended play, this geo­met­ric de­sign pro­vides end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties for make-be­lieve.

1. Use a roller to paint the en­tire wall with two to three coats of Re­sene Tus­sock, then al­low to dry. Aim to give your de­sign some breath­ing room by keep­ing about 20-30cm from each edge shape-free.

2. Cre­ate the arch by ruling two 110cm ver­ti­cal lines about 75cm apart, then con­nect them at the top by trac­ing a semi-cir­cle us­ing a pen­cil at­tached to a piece of string pinned 110cm from the f loor in the mid­dle of the two lines.

3. Mask out the arch with painter’s tape. To achieve the rounded edge, over­lap small pieces of tape bit by bit.

4. Use a roller to paint in­side the tape with two to three coats of Re­sene Zin­zan. Once dry, re­move the tape.

5. Use the same method to mask out a sec­ond semi-cir­cle near the ground, this time slightly wider; ours is 125cm. Re­peat step 4 with Re­sene Ringo.

6. To cre­ate the stair­case, draw a 75cm hor­i­zon­tal line ¾ of the way up the arch, then add five 15cm steps. Mask with tape; re­peat step 4 us­ing Re­sene At­mos­phere.

7. The tri­an­gles ex­tend­ing down from the roof are about 30 x 60cm, but go for what­ever works in your space. Re­peat the process us­ing Re­sene Ru­mour Has It. •

Re­sene Zin­zan Re­sene Tus­sock

Re­sene Ringo Re­sene Ru­mour Has It

Re­sene At­mos­phere

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