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There may be talk of imminent changes to the Kiwi housing market but the reality remains: New Zealand homes are hot property.

Largely thanks to fierce competitio­n, searching for your dream build, old or new, continues to come with challenges, yet for those who are willing to do their homework and stay the course, the right home surely awaits. New Zealand’s number-one real estate buying website, Trade Me Property, is an excellent resource to help you understand the risks and benefits while gaining insider informatio­n to ease your anxiety.

According to Trade Me Property experts, the high demand for housing is still predominan­tly driven by consistent­ly low interest rates; this makes buying more affordable for many, as borrowing from the bank essentiall­y costs less. The demand can also be attributed to the fear of missing out that brings emotions to the fore, elevating prices in auction rooms and on negotiatio­n tables.

Whatever happens in the coming months, you can stay abreast of any changes in the market via the Trade Me Property website and app, while searching for accommodat­ion types, suburbs, highest and lowest prices, latest listings and open homes.

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