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Living room textiles are ideal for layering in ways that link to your lifestyle. Incorporat­e cushions of different sizes and shapes for any occasion — from creating a Netflix nest on the couch to meditating on the rug — and mix wool throws with lighter cotton ones kids can use for their DIY forts.


When building a collection of table linen that’s interchang­eable for any event, let yourself be a bit playful. Classics such as the gingham and stripes we’ve used here are back, and in cohesive colours can work together to create a modern mood.


It’s such a simple touch, but even just one high-end hand towel can brighten your bathroom and your day. Have a couple on rotation so you can alter the atmosphere week to week. Statement prints like the one hanging here are stylists’ secret weapon.


Why devote yourself to only linen or cotton bedding? Both have their benefits, so overleaf we’ve teamed linen with jersey knit. Bright, stacked pillows make a statement against the paler duvet, while the throw is a patterned yet tonal extra.

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