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Levin Golf Club

Results week ending May 1 Tuesday Men Stableford: Ivan Franklin 40, Lyal Harris 38, Ray Grout 38. Twos: Chris Laing; Wednesday — 9 Hole Mixed Stableford: Cecily Archer 20, Graham Cottrell 19, John Jarden 19; Ladies Net: Diane Dunlop 65, Karina MacDonald 69, Judith Walton 70. Twos: Karina MacDonald; Thursday — Early Men Net: Ian Morby 68, Mark Duston 70, Dobbie Martin 71. Ian Morby hole in one. Twos: Russ Baldwin, Owen Bonis; Late Men Stableford: Tama Paki 38, Michael Brunton 38, Bruce Kerse 36. Twos: Nigel Hemopo, Graham Ellis, Tony Newling, Gavin Jones; Friday — 9 Hole Mixed Net: Kuresa Faleseuga 21, No Arwidson 20, Ross McCormick 19; Ladies National 4BBB Net: Williams + Wilton (Marton) 60, Corner + Pickett (Castleclif­f) 61, Worsfold + Byford (Rangatira) 62; Saturday — Early Men Stableford: Steve Leppard 38, Walter Robinson 37, John Quayle 36. Twos: Steve Leppard, Brian O’Donnell, Walter Robinson, Corey Harris; Ladies Net: Judith Walton 66, Carol Louisson 69, Margaret Hooper 69. Twos: Judith Walton, Margaret Hooper; Late Men Stableford: Ray Harvey 39, Craig Ironside 38, Ken Sterne 38. Twos: Tony Newling, Ray Grout, Klaas De Graff; Men’s 44BBB Final: Ray Harvey + Ray Grout beat John Sorensen + Ernie Leslie; 4BBB Flights Final:

Alistair Finn + John Wehipeihan­a beat Wayne Askew + Ivan Franklin Foxton Golf Club


9 Hole — Wed, April 27 Competitio­n Net — 1st Steve Kupa 2 — Gary Walklin 2- Rob Woolford 3Sylvia Young

18 Hole — April 26 — Tamati McGregor 71, Paul Hansen 72, Curly Evans 73,

Charlie Gribble 73, Kevin Young 74, Martin Berry 74, Keith Norris 75, Gary Stratford 75,

Errol Brown 75, Lorna Soo 76. April 28 — Kemp Solomon 40, Chris Lee 39, Kevin Rolleston 38, Rob Chrystall 38,

Kevin Young 36, Keith Norris 36, Charlie Gribble 36, Dale Futcher 35, Tamati McGregor 33

Paul Hansen 34.

April 30 — Lance Knowles 42, Dave Lack 40, George McDonald 40, Lucy Montgomery 38,

Kim Kuiti 38, Gary Stratford 37, Dale Futcher 37.

2’s Kim Kuiti, Lance Knowles, Kevin Rolleston.

Buckely Golf Club

Results Sunday, May 1: Darren Brown 38. Nigel Hemopo 35 cb Dave Collins. Ian August.Ken Bayne33. Kevin Shields31 cb. Mark Salmon. Liam OConnor. twos Nigel Hemopo.


Club rugby results April 30

Ramsbotham Cup Premier Competitio­n:

Waikanae: 31 v Paraparaum­u: 20 College Old Boys: 10 v Shannon: 14 Foxton: 0 v Rahui: 51

Bill Muir Cup Senior Reserve Competitio­n:

College Old Boys: 21 v Athletic: 22 Foxton: 12 v Wanderers: 27 Paraparaum­u — Bye

NETBALL Draw for May 7.

Time Court Grade Team Score Team Score Umpire 1 Umpire 2

9am 2 Prem 1 Shannon Pumas Wanderers Flames Robyn Wills Sarah Tamatea*

9am 3 Prem 1 Nua College Snr A WRM Taiohi Ashleigh Wiki Meka Hemi-Bateman*

9am 4

10am 2 Prem 1 Waiopehu Snr Black Nua Eagles Frances Bacon Ashleigh Wiki

10am 3 Prem 2 Athletic Black Wanderers Storm Robyn Wills Hoana Blackman

10am 4 Prem 2 Manakau Tri Taitoko Justine Walker Wanderers Flames

10am 7 Collegiate Waiopehu Jnr A Horowhenua Jnr A Genevi Blackman Gracie Tabram

10am 8 Collegiate Manawatu Jnr Horowhenua Jnr Red Waiopehu Snr Black Tamara Fauck

11am 2 Prem 2 Wanderers Lightning

Wanderers Cyclone Meka HemiBatema­n Sarah Tamatea

11am 3 Prem 2 Manawatu Snr A Nua College Snr B Frances Bacon Torina Ngaluafe

11am 4 Collegiate Horowhenua Jnr B Horowhenua Jnr Black Manakau Wanderers Lightning

11am 6 Prem 3 Athletic Blue Wanderers Masters Candace Vazey Regina Hepi

11am 7 Prem 3 Wanderers Stars Waiopehu Snr Maroon Shannon Pumas Tri Taitoko

11am 8 Collegiate Horowhenua Jnr White LIS A1 Anika Miller Horowhenua Jnr A

BYE: Foxton

Duty: 8.40-9.30am Nua Eagles, 10am WRM Taiohi, 11am Athletic Black: Put goal post pads out; rubbish bins out. Ensure all scorecards have been collected by umpires and taken to courts before the next round starts. Cover umpire duties not fulfilled by rostered umpires. “Court Culture” duty. The full team please report to upstairs for duty.

Duty: End of Day Horowhenua Jnr B & Horowhenua Jnr Black. Bring in goal post pads; rubbish bins; chairs. Take wheelie bins around and pick up any rubbish inside and out.

Umpires: All Prem 1 & 2 and College teams should check for umpiring duties.

Umpire duties marked with an *asterisk are BEFORE your first playing game.

Primary grades provide OWN UMPIRES unless stated otherwise. If you have employed the services of a Youth Umpire, rate is $5 per game.

All games are four 10 minute quarters. Intervals are 2 min, 3 min, 2 min. Reminders:

■ All teams must have their teams in the online registrati­on system including their team allocation. (Prem Grading has finished so fiddling with team line-ups is past).

■ Please ensure your team members (up to 12) are listed on the card — first initial and full last name. Do this upstairs.

■ Only umpires are to remove cards from upstairs.

■ Any players on a team card who are registered in a lower grade team in the same club must be clearly marked as “playing up”. If they end up not playing, you may ask the umpire to cross them off.

■ Players may not play down a grade, nor can they play in another team that is in the same grade.

■ Please check the draw for General Duties as well as Umpiring Duties.

■ Check our Rules & Regulation­s 2022 for all rules These were sent to all clubs and schools and are on our website.

■ The official results will be published on the Netball Horowhenua Facebook, website and in the Horowhenua Chronicle.

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