When the owner’s away, the cat can play


HOT FROM THE patent office, there’s a great idea to keep your cat entertaine­d while you’re at work.

We’ve all seen (on YouTube, if not in real life) how cats, and even dogs, go crazy over a moving laser light. Now there’s an invention (patent applicatio­n WO2014/145468, filed by someone called Miller) which allows pet owners to remotely control the laser light via a smartphone, computer or touchscree­n device.

Better still, there’s a pre-programmed laser motion sequence – check in via the remote video camera to ensure your pet is still having a great time, and get the perfect footage for evening cat video viewing.

Add-ons include a speaker which emits a “scratching or high-pitched squeaking” noise to summon Fluffy to play. And the system can be hooked up to a treat dispenser for when she almost catches the laser light.

Seems pets really don’t need direct human contact after all. Now, for the kids… Compiled by Anton Blijlevens and Jillian Lim, patent specialist­s at AJ Park

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