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most Lagers are one of the world­wide. pop­u­lar beers drunk Light and pale in colour cold they are typ­i­cally served and and have a crisp, clean re­fresh­ing flavour. Stein­lager kiwi Clas­sic is an iconic green lager with fresh-cut of grass aro­mas and full flavour. With a char­ac­ter­is­tic bit­ter­ness and dry tangy is fin­ish, Stein­lager Clas­sic spicy a per­fect match for Al’s herba­cious dishes like Mus­sel Frit­ter Butties.

Serves many

When I’m asked

my thoughts Zealand’s na­tional on New that I dish, I al­ways think it’s a re­ply

frit­ter of some They’re hum­ble,

sort. and easy to make, they also fit de­li­cious,

the in­for­mal Kiwi hos­pi­tal­ity. Put na­ture of

a cou­ple frit­ters be­tween two of slices of bread

mayo, and you with a lick sand­wich im­me­di­ately

that is hard have a hot mus­sels are to beat.

on the Green­shell that get list of NZ

the tick from prod­ucts sus­tain­able, ver­sa­tile,

me, they’re all year round. eco­nomic and

Pair a mus­sel avail­able buttie with frit­ter

a cold Stein­lager you’ve got an icon­i­cally Clas­sic and

New Zealand and food match.


Step 1. Al’s May­on­naise


-4 Egg Yolks -1/2 Tbl Di­jon

Mus­tard -3 Tbl Le­mon

Juice -2 Tbl Cider

Vine­gar -1 Tbl Wa­ter -2 tsp Sugar -1 1/2 Cup Canola

Oil -Flaky Salt -Freshly Cracked

Black Pep­per


Us­ing a wand place blender or food

the egg yolks, pro­ces­sor, juice, cider mus­tard,

vine­gar, le­mon a bowl wa­ter and sugar and process in

for 5 sec­onds in­cor­po­rated. un­til slowly With the mo­tor

driz­zle run­ning, the in the oil and

may­on­naise is pro­cesss un­til Sea­son thick­ened with salt and glossy.

and pep­per to re­frig­er­ate un­til taste

re­quired. and

Step 2. Mus­sel



-4 Eggs (size

7) -1/3 Cup Self-

Rais­ing Flour -2 Tbl Milk

(op­tional) -500 gms Steamed

Mus­sel Meat -1/3 Cup Red

Onion -1 (finely diced) Le­mon (zest

and juice) -1/4 Cup Fresh

Co­rian­der (chopped) -1/4 Cup Fresh

Basil -2 Tbl Sweet

Chilli Sauce -Flaky Sea Salt -Freshly Cracked

Black Pep­per


Whisk the eggs large and flour to­gether

mix­ing bowl in a bat­ter un­til smooth.

is too thick, If the milk. The loosen with a

con­sis­tency dash of golden syrup. should be sim­i­lar

to Chop the mus­sel with meat into a

a knife or food coarse mince to a large pro­ces­sor.

mix­ing bowl, Trans­fers onion, le­mon then add; zest, 1 red

1/2 Tbl of le­mon juice, co­rian­der, sauce. basil and sweet

Sea­son with chilli and stir a lit­tle salt

to com­bine. and pep­per Fold one cup

of the bat­ter mus­sel mix and through the re­frig­er­ate un­til


Step 3. Cook­ing

& Serv­ing


-Cook­ing Oil -Mus­sel Frit­ter

Mix -Fresh White

Bread -Al’s May­on­naise -Le­mons -Flaky Sea Salt -Freshly Cracked

Black Pep­per


Heat up a skil­let bar­be­cue or grid­dle top

on your to medium heat. cook­ing oil to Add a lit­tle

the sur­face spoon­ful of and place off frit­ter mix on a

to check the the heat. Cook frit­ters con­sis­tency of

and the sea­son­ing your can add a lit­tle of the mix. if more bat­ter You the frit­ter is to the mix

not hold­ing to­gether Place spoon­fuls well. heat. of the frit­ter

Cook for a mix on the side un­til cou­ple of golden min­utes ei­ther

and cooked through. Slather slices

of bread with stack each slice mayo, and Squeeze with hot frit­ters.

some le­mon juice frit­ters be­fore over the a ‘lid’ sea­son­ing and of bread on putting

each buttie. En­joy!

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