The win­ner of the 2017 John Brit­ten Black Pin said he was ac­cept­ing the award in recog­ni­tion of his team. That is true to some de­gree. But ev­ery great team needs some­one to lead them. And for the de­sign team be­hind Emi­rates Team New Zealand’s Amer­ica’s Cu


As the team’s tech­ni­cal di­rec­tor, into one in­cred­i­ble mo­ment: send­ing

It’s been a long voy­age for Eng­land, his love of num­bers took him the tan­gi­ble rather than the ab­stract,

This soon led to the role that in­tro­duced Ber­nasconi to the world of high-tech sport, as a ve­hi­cle dy­nam­ics quickly learned about the day-to pres­sure, high per­for­mance de­sign team

Ber­nasconi’s own fo­cus be­came rac­ing process, as ev­ery ounce of speed and per­for­mance was coaxed out of the

job at McLaren was re­ally cool, I re­ally en­joyed it from an en­gi­neer­ing point of view, but I was never that ex­cited by I’ve never been a se­ri­ous rac­ing sailor,

Aero­dy­nam­ics, Ber­nasconi moved to the world of high-per­for­mance sail­ing

is re­ally im­por­tant, but I think this most re­cent [Amer­ica’s Cup-win­ning] cam­paign, more than any other, is

where we have three sailors, typ­i­cally, say the helms­man, wing trim­mer and re­ally big screens with steer­ing wheels and wing con­trollers, ba­si­cally like a in terms of the per­for­mance de­sign and the shape of the boards and the rud­ders and wing con­trol sys­tems and all of that, was re­ally de­vel­oped around through all of the pos­si­ble de­signs, ev­ery­thing is tested on the sim­u­la­tor and the thing we end up build­ing is

Team New Zealand’s win in Ber­muda was a tri­umph for de­sign and thou­sands upon thou­sands of spe­cial­ists worked to de­sign the most From engi­neers to man­age­ment to the sailors, ev­ery­one was on­board with their mis­sion: to ex­plore, to be rad­i­cal

go­ing to be foil­ing, and it’s not about whether you’re foil­ing or not – it’s that are easy to sail and ones that are fast, and if you want to de­sign re­ally fast boards it will be un­sta­ble, which means it needs a lot of con­trol; that means you’ve got to have some­one free who’s able to con­trol that, and we felt if the helms­man is con­trol­ling the dag­ger­board an­gle he wouldn’t be able to do as good a job of it, and he would also be dis­tracted from be­ing able to and how to sail and make the best of

– or two guys – so cy­cling was part of that be­cause it means you can be pro­vid­ing power, which we also knew was go­ing to be a real strug­gle to get that we would be able to do that, and know­ing we could have a guy ded­i­cated to it, al­lowed us to re­ally push how rad­i­cal we went with the de­sign and

boards to the com­plex foil­ing sys­tems

It should come as no sur­prise, then, that they have their eyes on new the Amer­ica’s Cup in New Zealand in al­ready ex­plor­ing new, rad­i­cal con­cept

we rely hugely on a whole lot of New a board out­side our base that just lists all of our part­ners, from ma­chine shops, com­pos­ite man­u­fac­tur­ers, boat builders, hy­draulic sup­pli­ers, tech­nol­ogy

of his former team­mates are now work­ing with Rocket Lab, leav­ing the wa­ter and launch­ing New Zealand’s

of the Amer­ica’s Cup to the sail­ing a huge num­ber of foil­ing boats out there now and some classes that are of the de­sign of those and some of the

Un­sur­pris­ingly, Ber­nasconi has de­sign is hav­ing a clear un­der­stand­ing Be­ing open to ex­plor­ing as wide a realm

And in the case of Emi­rates Team New Zealand, that cho­sen de­sign

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