It’s hard to think of a more in­tense as­sign­ment: you’ve been tasked with re­design­ing the web­site for Im­mi­gra­tion New Zealand (INZ) – mean­ing the lives of the people who use the web­site to ap­ply for visas to come here, and of­ten leave be­hind lit­er­ally ever

Idealog - - DESIGNERS INSTITUTE OF NEW ZEALAND - Cre­ative Di­rec­tors:Ch ar­lene Tu rei Client: MBIE

INZ wanted to cre­ate a web­site that would sim­plify The new build needed to drive self-ser­vice, im­prove rates, and re­duce call cen­tre en­listed the help of award

Pur­ple Pin in a new Best De­sign Awards cat­e­gory for Turei says the mis­sion was

those stress and pres­sure points were and look­ing at

Turei says there was a need to make the web­site en­gag­ing but also less that was also ac­ces­si­ble to people who might not speak

lot of pres­sure (as op­posed played quite a big role in [Be­fore with the old site]

In­clud­ing pre­lim­i­nary re­search and tech­ni­cal project took about two-and Turei says the fo­cus was on qual­ity more than any­thing

to the mi­grants, but to New

Thank­fully, INZ was easy to work with as a client,

to them and pro­posed a

and abil­ity to col­lab­o­rate – is a

for an evolv­ing process,” for­warded on to us (from

Yet Turei also says there’s another les­son to be learned from DNA’s ex­pe­ri­ence re­design­ing INZ’s

of chaos,” she says, em­pha­sis­ing the need to think about what prob­lems need to be solved and at least mov­ing in what feels

It’s hard to think of than en­abling the dreams of

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