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7 It was Mahatma Gandhi’s idea to put what in the middle of India’s flag? (8,5)

8 Roald Amundsen finished his 1911 South Pole expedition with 11 dogs. How many did he start with? (5-3)

9 What describes meat lightly

cooked, still red inside? (4) 10 Which 1935 film had Fred

Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and 11 Irving Berlin songs? (3,3) 12 Singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette was born where in Canada? (6)

14 What is protection granted by a state to a political refugee from another country? (6) 16 “Young urban profession­al” spawned what word in the 1980s? (6)

18 What is a rough or prickly seed vessel or flower head of a plant, e.g. the flower head of the burdock or the husk of the chestnut? (4)

20 What is a military wake-up signal especially on a bugle or drum? (8)

22 What is the informal name for bovine spongiform encephalop­athy? (3,3,7) 1 The South African confection mebos is made from what fruit? (8)

2 In weightlift­ing, what type of lift goes from floor to extended position in one movement? (6)

3 What glovelike hand covering

is worn in baseball? (4)

4 What is the science of soil management and crop production? (8)

5 What disease symptom is

polydipsia? (6)

6 In ten books for children by Gwynedd Rae, what furry animal is Mary Plain? (4) 11 Who was bullied by Harry Flashman in an 1857 novel by Thomas Hughes? (3,5) 13 What neck injury is common

from car smashes? (8) 15 What did Stephen Sondheim provide for Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story? ( 6)

17 The hedge shrub Ligustrum ovalifoliu­m is commonly called what? (6)

19 Which US state borders the

north of Arizona? (4)

21 What vessel carries blood

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