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Quiet calm in a loud world


Between the Harbour and the Mountain By Patricia Williams, Calico Publishing, $34.95 .. .. .. ..

Patricia Williams is a journal keeper, a member of a collective of “vowed women” who all work in the helping profession­s.

This little book of her musings is a moment of quiet in our loud world, a moment to pause and reflect. It won the 2020 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Best Manuscript award. Patricia reflects on the everyday, her encounters with other people, the natural world, global events, the pandemic, culture. She was born in New Zealand, but grew up in Fiji, teaching and setting up a support scheme for young people in psychopaed­ic hospital. She also taught English to migrants and refugees.

Her thoughts are organised by theme. The musings are brief and heartfelt, a moment of calm you can dip into when you need a peaceful moment.

— Linda Thompson

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