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com­mu­nity like her, who will ad­e­quately ex­press ma­jor­ity pub­lic opin­ion. Seems some cur­rent coun­cil­lors are from a dif­fer­ent planet from us or­di­nary folks. I also worry some­times about bal­ance in the press.

I of­ten say, cen­tral and lo­cal gov­ern­ment politi­cians should spend four hours a month stand­ing on a street cor­ner talk­ing to peo­ple of all races and de­nom­i­na­tions and re­con­nect­ing with or­di­nary ki­wis. Some friends and I sat on the street for some days, then knocked on over 600 doors in Katikati with a pe­ti­tion, con­nect­ing with our peo­ple, the ones that fund coun­cil. If cur­rent politi­cians did this and aban­doned the po­lit­i­cally cor­rect the­o­ries, staff wishes, the ra­cial non­sense, snout in the trough mi­nori­ties, the ma­nip­u­la­tion of the real treaty, and in­stead rep­re­sent truth and re­al­ity [my opin­ion] and the as­pi­ra­tions in 2018 of Ki­wis of all races in our multi-ra­cial so­ci­ety. Ra­cial divi­sion and apartheid, pro­moted by only a few, should be cast aside and di­vi­sive pol­i­tics aban­doned, and we should em­brace one law for all and equal rights, in­de­pen­dent of skin colour, re­li­gion or pol­i­tics. We are all one peo­ple, let’s recog­nise that and next elec­tion cast aside those lo­cal body politi­cians who live in the past, and play the race card.

Here is to a good fu­ture to­gether. NORMMAYO Katikati

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