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Lower limits drive us round bend


30, 50, 100, 90, and 80, just someof the speed restrictio­ns we Western Bay residents have putup with so roading can become safer and now, some plonker has decided that wecan only travel Katikati-Tauranga at 80km/h with parts down to 60once all work is complete?

That person must live in a high rise apartment in central Tauranga and work downstairs.

What’s the point of all the safety improvemen­ts? The new Hilux has got more than 150kW, can travel over 200km/hand has a 5 star safety rating. They don’t make newcars to go slower, and you don’t see speedos in cars top out at 110km/h do you— more like200 plus, some even 260km/h. What’s the point? I wouldn’t even think it’s legal to reduce speed like that on rural state highways— it’s not urban? The police are going to be rubbing their hands together when December 11 rolls through. There is no logical sense to reduce speed like this. Last year’s survey revealed the average speed during the day was below 90km/h anyway on State Highway 2. Hardly anybody speeds along this road, it’s almost impossible unless it’s late at night. Just another dumb rule that’s going to do no good to anyone apart from the police. It’s not the road, not the speed but individual driver error that causes car crashes; distracted drivers playing on mobiles the biggest cause.

I’d like to know what others think of it, 80km/h— be lucky if you can get out of third gear, and another excuse for extra cost on freight. FERRY DE GRAAF Katikati


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