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Murky river a concern for residents

- Chris Steel

Water in the Uretara River, that runs behind Katikati township, turned amurky brown colour last Thursday concerning nearby locals.

Katikati resident Kate LomanSmith said it was disappoint­ing to see amassive plume of sediment floating downthe Uretara river on Thursday.

She said a Bay of Plenty Regional Council officer spent considerab­le time investigat­ing the source of this sediment plume and a potential

cause was identified— stream crossing works at the HenryRdFor­d.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council received two complaints over the river’s water discoloura­tion and last Thursday, aRegulator­y Compliance Officer conducted extensive area inquiries along the Uretara River from RawakaDriv­e to the Haiku public reserve to assess water clarity and locate the discoloura­tion source.

The investigat­ion identified the HenryRdUre­tara River ford crossing as the potential source, although the council is carrying out further investigat­ions to confirm that.

The regional council has a comprehens­ive, region-wide recreation­al bathing water quality monitoring programme, which includes the HenryRdFor­d site on the river.

Samples are collected weekly as part of this programme and results

are uploaded to theLAWAweb­site.

“The permanent health warning at Uretara reflects a pattern of compromise­d water quality during thesummerm­onths, andweare investigat­ing the situation through our ‘Focus Catchments’ programme,” said environmen­tal water quality scientist James Dare.

“DNAmethods have identified an avian signature associated with water samples, with additional­DNA evidence showing large numbers of pu¯keko in the area.”

Kate said discussion­s with parties are ongoing. i

Monitoring data for this site, including E. coli levels can be viewed in Council’s online data portal envdata.boprc. govt.nz or LAWA website www.lawa.org.nz/exploredat­a/bay-of-plenty-region/ swimming/uretara-at-henryrd-ford/swimsite

 ??  ?? The murky coloured water in the Uretara River last Thursday.
The murky coloured water in the Uretara River last Thursday.

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