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Council keeps wary eye on water use

- To find out more about how to conserve water visit: https://www. westernbay.govt.nz/ transporta­tion-roadsand-water/water/ water-conservati­on

Water use over summerwill be carefully watched by Western Bay of Plenty District Council to ensure there is enough for everyone if drought conditions prevail.

Lastsummer­councilwas forced to introduce strict water use restrictio­ns (handheld hoses only) insomepart­s of the District as reservoirs dropped under the required minimumlev­el for daily demand.

Council’s utilities manager Kelvin Hill saysNIWAha­s advised that a hot andhumid summeris forecast, so council’s team will be keeping awatchful eye on the district’s water use— aswill most councils across the country, due to the low winter rainfall.

The La Nina weather pattern this year is anticipate­d to bring warmer, more humidand hotter temperatur­es during summer.

Council’s drinking water is sourced from deep undergroun­d aquifers in three water zones: Western Zone (Waihi Beach and Katikati), Central Zone (Omokoroa, Te Puna and Minden) and Eastern Zone (Te Puke, Maketu).

Signage to monitor water levels in council’s reservoirs have been put at the entrances to Katikati, Waihi Beach, Athenree, Omokoroa, Maketu, and Te Puke and will serve as a reminder over summerto be careful with water use and conserve wherever possible.

Reservoirs must maintain a constant

50 per centminimu­m water level to meet the dailydeman­dsfor drinking water.

“Every yearwehave­more holidaymak­ers here andwe are expecting evenmoreth­is year in light of Covid-19 overseas travel restrictio­ns,” says Kelvin.

“Weconsiste­ntly promote a strong ‘conserve’ water message and I believe that people generally have a

greater understand­ing of the importance of careful water use.

“Wehope that by getting the message out early this year about the possibilit­y of adrier summer, our residents will do their bit to conserve water and wewill avoid bringing in restrictio­ns.

“Water is a precious

resource thatweneed to value and use efficientl­y,” Kelvin says. i

 ??  ?? Signage is up as a reminder to be careful with water use over summer.
Signage is up as a reminder to be careful with water use over summer.

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