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Department of Internal Affairs: For more informatio­n about what to do if you receive spam please check out their factsheet https:/ /www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.nsf/ Files/Spam-Resources/$file/whatdo-i-do-if-i-receive-spam-factsheet. pdf For more informatio­n about how to avoid being exposed to spam and online scams you can visit their webpage www.dia.govt. nz/Spam-Tips-for-Avoiding-Spam ● Netsafe: For more informatio­n about harassment and abuse under the Harmful Digital Communicat­ions Act and all types of scams you can visit www. netsafe.org.nz/

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he best news is that you can do both of those things AND save a little bit of money with the help of a SuperGold card.

We know that every little bit helps when managing tight budgets, and for New Zealanders who are 65 or older, the SuperGold card gives you the chance to stretch your money further.

You can get special offers and discounts across a range of businesses and services. There are savings on the essentials such as fuel, food and health costs, as well as special offers on entertainm­ent, accommodat­ion, tourist attraction­s and travel (throughout NZ).

SuperGold cardholder Laurie finds the supermarke­t discounts very helpful and says, “getting to the shops for free on the bus is also a real benefit”.

With SuperGold, off-peak public

The SuperGold card is one way that the government and New Zealand businesses can say thank you, or tēnā rawa atu koe, for everything our seniors have done for

Aotearoa, by raising families, working, or helping in the community. There are currently more than 790,000 SuperGold cardholder­s, with around 60,000 people getting a card each year.

If you’re 65+ and a New Zealand resident, Ministry of Social Developmen­t (MSD) will automatica­lly send your SuperGold Card in the mail once your New Zealand Superannua­tion payments are granted. This usually only takes a few weeks, but you may have to wait amonth or two if you apply for New Zealand

Superannua­tion prior to your 65th birthday. Even if you don’t get NZ Super, you can still apply for a SuperGold card.

It’s now quicker and easier to find savings with SuperGold. People can look at all available offers on the SuperGold website (www.supergold.govt.nz). Offers can be viewed by region, category or by business name.

There is also a SuperGold app. You can download the SuperGoldN­Z app for free, to find out where you can get savings when you’re out and about.

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