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Warning of text scams operating


TeTari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs has received hundreds of complaints about large-scale phishing scams the public should be aware of.

The scams involve people being sent a text message with a link to a website that can be used to gain the recipient’s financial informatio­n. Engaging with these messages results in significan­t financial loss.

Should youbecome a victim of these scams contact your bank and lodge a complaint with the police.

Oneof the mostcommon­scams will see the sender attempt to gain the recipient’s trust by impersonat­ing United Parcel Service (UPS).

The recipient is sent amessage notifying themthat UPSattempt­ed to deliver a parcel however due to unpaid ‘customs charges’ the package was unable to be delivered. The recipient will be directed to click a link and follow the directions outlined on the webpage.

The webpage will prompt the recipient to confirm redelivery of the parcel and advise them a $2-$3 fee that needs to be paid.

The recipient will instead be directed to a ‘special offer’ page in the samestylin­g as amazon.com, offering

the latest smartphone at aheavily discounted price and prompting the recipient to provide personal and

financial informatio­n.

If the recipient provides their details, thescammer will use their credential­s to log in and stealmoney from the target’s account, or on-sell the credential­s to others. Similar text scams have been sent impersonat­ing the Lotto.

If you receive a text you were not expecting or a text message from an unknownsen­der, do not click any hyperlinks included in the message.

Simply report the textspamfo­r free on your phone by forwarding the spamtext message to 7726.

 ??  ?? The recipient is sent amessage notifying them that UPS attempted to deliver a parcel.
The recipient is sent amessage notifying them that UPS attempted to deliver a parcel.

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