How to build your own worm farm – no trac­tor re­quired!

You will need:

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• Two match­ing plas­tic con­tain­ers with lids.

• A drill with two bits – ap­prox 6mm and 1.5mm

• News­pa­per and card­board

• A cou­ple of bricks or blocks of wood

• Soil

• Worms! Ask at your gar­den cen­tre or lo­cal coun­cil. We got ours from the friendly peo­ple at the Hawke’s Bay En­vi­ron­ment Cen­tre – about 2000 of them in a bag!

1 Us­ing the larger drill bit, drill lots of holes (about 30) in the bot­tom of each con­tainer. Th­ese will pro­vide drainage for the drip­pings and also a way for the worms to crawl from bin to bin when it’s time to switch con­tain­ers.

2 Us­ing the smaller drill bit, drill lots of holes in the top of one of the lids. The holes are for ven­ti­la­tion so your worms can breathe. The other lid (the one with­out the holes) will be a tray un­der­neath the worm bin to catch the worm tea.

3 Us­ing the small bit, drill air holes in the walls of each con­tainer in a ring, near the top of the tub.

4 Make their bed! Tear some news­pa­per into strips and dunk them in wa­ter and then squeeze them out so they’re damp. Cover the bot­tom of one of the tubs with about 100mm of news­pa­per. Mitch had been sav­ing news­pa­pers for weeks!

5 Put in the worms! When you buy worms they will usu­ally come in soil, but if not, throw in a bit from your gar­den. Put a piece of wet card­board on top of the worms and put on the lid – the one with the ven­ti­la­tion holes.

6 Feed them! But not too much. Once they start breed­ing they can han­dle more food. Your worm pop­u­la­tion could dou­ble in two to three months.

7 Put the lid that has no holes on the ground like a tray. Put a cou­ple of pieces of wood or bricks on the tray and sit the empty bin on it. Put your other two bricks inside the empty bin and then place the bin with the worms in it on top. Voila! You’ve got a worm farm.

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