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Do you love mak­ing things from bits and pieces you find in na­ture? Long be­fore there were shops in New Zealand, Ma-ori made ev­ery­thing they needed from things in their nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment or things they grew in their gar­dens. One of their most use­ful plants was Harakeke (flax). Its long strong fi­bres were turned into bas­kets, fish­ing gear, clothes, shel­ters, wall cov­er­ings and other beau­ti­ful works of art. Long silky flax fi­bres were used to make fine cloaks. Flax was even ex­ported to Eng­land to make fine silky fab­ric for shirts! Harakeke is still used in tra­di­tional Ma-ori crafts. Th­ese days we have loads of dif­fer­ent coloured flax va­ri­eties to choose from. Try out dif­fer­ent coloured flax and other flax-like plants from your gar­den to make your own cre­ative art. Let your imag­i­na­tion go wild! Lucy wove a beau­ti­ful framed art­work from dif­fer­ent colours and tex­tures of grasses and flaxes she found grow­ing in her gar­den. We thought this would make a beau­ti­ful gift for Mother’s Day.

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