Kids Go Gardening - - Spring -

Take a spade and dig a hole. How many worms can you find?

Did you know the more worms you have in your soil, the health­ier it is! Worms are some of na­ture’s best re­cy­clers. An­other place to find worms is in a com­post heap. Or in a worm farm. A worm farm is a spe­cial house for com­post worms which re­cy­cle kitchen scraps into food for plants. If you don’t al­ready have a worm farm you could make one at home or at school. There are lots of dif­fer­ent ways. Worms can be fussy about their food, and they like it best when its chopped up small, but as long as its or­ganic (some­thing that was once liv­ing) they can eat it. What comes out the other end of a worm is fan­tas­tic food for plants. Worms make ‘ver­mi­cast’, which is a very fine com­post and liq­uid ‘worm tea’.

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