Seeds in a jar


Kids Go Gardening - - Summer -

- A glass jar - Pa­per tow­els - A few bean seeds

1 Fold two pa­per tow­els in quar­ters and place them around the sides of the jar. 2 Poke 3-5 bean seeds down be­tween the pa­per towel and the jar, about half way down and spacing them as evenly as you can (use a chop­stick or din­ner knife to help slide them into place). 3 Scrunch an­other two pa­per tow­els into tight balls and place them on the in­side of the jar. So that your seeds are held firmly in place. 4 Add wa­ter to wet the pa­per tow­els and care­fully drain off the ex­tra wa­ter. 5 Keep the pa­per tow­els damp as your seeds grow. 6 Watch ev­ery day, es­pe­cially once the seeds start grow­ing. Take some pho­tos of each stage or draw pic­tures.

Dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties of beans have dif­fer­ent seeds. Some come with bird re­pel­lent. Wash your hands af­ter touch­ing them.

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