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Pump­kins come in loads of dif­fer­ent colours shapes, and sizes. Gi­ant pump­kins are a spe­cial va­ri­ety that are not great for eat­ing but they sure are fun to grow!

How to grow a gi­ant pump­kin

1 Choose a warm, sunny spot with shel­ter from the wind. Pump­kin vines need plenty of space. 2 Mix a bucket load of com­post into the soil plus a spoon­ful of slow-re­lease fer­tiliser per plant. 3 Plant your seedling OR make a mound of soil and plant 2 or 3 seeds in it. When they grow choose the strong­est seedling and re­move the oth­ers. 4 Wa­ter to keep the soil moist. Once the fruit ap­pears, wa­ter less of­ten but soak thor­oughly so that the wa­ter goes deep into the soil. 5 Ba­si­cally, gi­ant pump­kins grow in the same way as any other pump­kin, but if you want to grow the big­gest here’s the trick: You must choose one pump­kin and cut off the oth­ers. The pump­kin that gets the whole plant to it­self gets all the en­ergy that the plant makes in its leaves. So it grows like crazy!

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